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I Definitely Did Not See That Coming...

Allan Brooks
June 9, 2021
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Most of our life is predictable.  Work, school, lunch, dishes, sweeper, shop, bedtime.  We, for the most part, like it that way.  Sure, we may complain sometimes that its boring or that we feel stuck in a rut. But, for the most part we like predictability.  It makes it far more emotionally easy to live than if we had no idea what the everyday was going to bring.

Then something like a world-wide pandemic happens, the problem of race in our country rises up again and political upheaval takes place, and we can feel unsettled.  There have been a lot of unexpected things taking place recently.  Things that seem, to us, like they would never happen.  Once in a lifetime sort of stuff.  So, this can unsettle us into thinking, “What else is going to happen that I will not see coming.  We can even think everything is up for grabs or the world is going down the tubes.

In fact, as I talk to a lot of people, everyone seems to agree that the world is a mess. And as long I do not go any deeper, it is fine. Because we may have completely opposite opinions as to why it is a mess. But, we agree about the mess.

Well, I maybe lying, because I do not agree that the world is a mess.  No, I agree that we as human beings have a lot of problems and we as Americans have a lot going on right now.  But is the world in a bigger mess than it has been before?  Or does it just seem worse to us because we are smack dab in the middle of it?

Jesus said,

“Do not worry about tomorrow, tomorrow will have worries of its own.”

So, worries and problems have always existed, and it seems it will always exist until Jesus comes back and sets it all in its proper place.  The most important thing is not to focus on the worries, nor the problems, nor that the world is a mess, but to focus on Jesus.  We no longer have to go through this world and its messes alone.  No, Jesus goes through it with us.  Jesus has this, just like he has had all the other times when it seemed the world was a mess, or the world was going down the tubes.

Now you may have your idea of what you think Jesus should do when he gets here and someone else may have the opposite idea of what Jesus should do to fix the world.  

But the good thing is, Jesus does not have to listen to any of us!