Have faith like a child

Race Day is March 27!

We are glad to be back and ready to race! With COVID-19 still a concern, we have decided to separate the running groups in an attempt to social distance the best we can.

So, here is how it works:
  • The Pro Registration is for runners who want their run timed. Your run will start at 8:30.
  • Casual Registration is for those who are not concerned with receiving an official time. You begin the course second at 8:40 and are able to finish at casual pace.
  • We have always had a walkers registration, and this year is no different. Walkers will start 8:30 along side the timed runners and are free to finish at a casual pace.
Please be sure to register for the kind of race you would like to run.
Morning registration opens at 7am at the Community Life Center.
If you prefer to send in a physical registration, you can download the form here


Our sponsorship partners help ensure that we can host the best race possible. We are overwhelmingly grateful to all who support this race and our youth.

Interested in joining the race as a sponsor?
Here is how they work:


Thank you for joining us and supporting the race!