Wrestling With God

Be Prepared

     “Be prepared” rarely has a positive connotation to it. It ranges from being spoken by a teacher to a classroom full of students warning them of an impending exam (half of whom still won’t study), to the villainous chorus sang by the evil lion to his army of hyena about to wage war. Either way it brings worry into the hearts of those who hear it.

      “Be prepared” doesn’t have to bring worry, in fact, it shouldn’t bring worry because what it does is allow us to understand what is coming. If you take the time to study, that exam won’t seem as perilous. You understand the material and will end up with a good grade. Even though Scar’s plan was successful in making him king, you understand Simba is going to come back with a vengeance (as well as a warthog and meerkat).  If you heed the advice and take the time to take the steps necessary, you are going to be ready for what is ahead.

     We are in the season of Lent which is all about preparing ourselves for what is going to happen in a few short weeks. Now you might be thinking, “What is there to worry about?” well, nothing for us honestly because we already know how the story ends; however, imagine being one of Jesus’ followers back then? All the times Jesus spoke about His death, being betrayed, it’s enough to cause more than a little worry among this group of mostly unschooled fishermen.

     They knew the words of the prophets predicting the coming of a king. Jesus was the one! They knew it, he’s the one that will reign forever so why then was he talking about his death so much? It’s not even that they don’t want him to die since he’s their friend, he CAN’T die! Rome still is ruling over them with an iron fist. The Pharisees still are trying to undermine Jesus’ mission at every turn. Jesus knows what to do but they don’t. They had a lot to be worried about especially when they day of Jesus’ arrest came.

     So then, what does it mean to be prepared in terms of the season of Lent? How do you prepare yourself for this monumental event that is the cornerstone to the entire Christian faith? Some people physically prepare through fasting over Lent, the Catholics don’t eat meat except fish but there are other means of fasting. Fasting from technology, fasting from sweets, soda, anything that is difficult to give up; that is the point of it. It causes us to reflect on the massive sacrifice Jesus made of His life for our sins. We can also prepare mentally and spiritually through spending extra time in prayer and scripture. Jesus died so that we can “come boldly to the throne of our gracious God.” Either way I recommend that we all just take time during this season to reflect on the sacrifice that is coming and what it means for each and every one of us.

     So now, when we hear the words “be prepared” in relation to Lent we don’t have to worry because we know that even though Good Friday is approaching fast and we will see the Savior of the world hanging on that cross and He breathes his last; Easter will always follow, and Jesus comes out of that tomb every single time. God Bless.

     Thank you all for reading, please share this post around wherever you can. Comment any questions or anything you’d like to discuss or leave me any prayer concerns below or at kbender@chippewaumc.org. Dear God, I thank you for the season of Lent. I thank you for being able to prepare for the coming day when you gave up your son to take on all of my sin and everyone’s sin so that we could come to know you more. I pray that you continue to impress on me the importance of this season so that I will never lose the wonder I feel when Easter comes. Amen.

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