There are two types of people in the world. Those who love thunderstorms and those who absolutely hate them. I am in the camp that greatly enjoys a house-rattling boom following a big, bright bolt of lightning streaking across the sky. I can understand how someone could be put off by the sound of an explosion going off next to one’s window. Especially when you didn’t see it coming. If you miss seeing the lightning, you would never know a big boom is coming. The unpredictability can be unsettling. 

            A big reason I enjoy storms follows with the unpredictability. Sure, you can watch the lightning and be anticipating thunder, but you never know exactly how long it will take and how severe the rolling thunder will be. A good way to put it would be that storms portray an atmosphere of chaos. Chaos isn’t controlled, you can’t do anything except work through it. That can be extremely scary, but it can play a big part in our lives as well.

            We don’t always know what is going to happen in our lives. Things can be going great for a while then one event can completely flip everything around. Conversely, everything might seem pretty dark and hopeless and you get caught up in the wave of negativity in the world today. It can take one phone call, one text message, one look, or one smile; something as simple or as complicated as that can be the spark that helps you start to turn things around. 

            Our lives can be extremely complicated and even chaotic. Bad news tends to stack up and you feel like life is crashing down. Sometimes you might feel ready to cry out that the sky is falling. Even through all the crashing, all the noise, all the things raining down on you; you still make it through. 

            When a storm is at its most chaotic, if you look closely, sometimes you can see the beauty, you can see a sense of peace in the nature. Other times, once the storm breaks into the sunlight, you might be able to see a beautiful rainbow. You always can see nature’s response to the chaos. That is what makes a storm beautiful. Sometimes it takes the darkness and the craziness to make you appreciate the light that is already surrounding you. 

            Today, God is calling out to us, he is offering us a peace in our lives that is sorely missed. God offers the confidence that even when a storm is at its worst in our lives, God always is with us. God is the surest thing, not any person, not any feeling, not any substance, God always remains and is on our side showing us love and offering the peace that our souls desperately need. That allows us to offer that peace to every single person with whom we might come into contact. With that in mind, God is also calling out telling us that no matter what storm you might be going through, always respond with an outpour of love to your neighbor and every person you see in your life. Amen and God Bless.
          I hoped you found this post helpful and inspiring and spoke into your life. Please share this message to whomever might need it. Comment any questions or suggestions for future topics below. I hope to writing more in the future. I would like to dedicate this blog post to my close friend Chris Pengidore who, as of this writing, passed away a little over a week ago. Please continue to lift up everyone who was close to him as well as his family in prayer. Thank you. God Bless you all.