Stewardship is a journey. It is about life. In fact, Stewardship is a way of life. It is the mission field beginning here, now. It is the restoring of all people to God and to each other, here, now. It is about the mission and ministry of Chippewa United Methodist Church—in this church, from this church, outside this church, and beyond this church.

Why Do You Give?
Used with permission by Westlake UMC, Texas
Christians give through their church for many reasons, including—but not limited to the following:

• We give because God first gave to us.

• We give because we love God.

• We give because it is what Christians do.

We give because it is what United Methodists do.

• We give to make ministry and mission happen.

• We give because, together, we can do what no one individual or congregation can do separately.

We give because it is what United Methodists do.

Did you know that giving generously to help persons in need is something Methodists, United Brethren and Evangelicals—the three roots of The United Methodist Church—did from their beginnings? John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement urged the practice of sound financial stewardship. He expected his followers to do three things…

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The Methodist congregation can continue that tradition of stewardship and generous giving. We do mission and ministry best when we do it together. We give to make this happen.
Why do you give?