You Are My Friends – Rev. Allan Brooks – John 15:9-17

This week, we continue where we left off in John’s Gospel, as Jesus explains what it looks like to live and remain in His love. Then Jesus calls the disciples His friends. Now, this is nothing earth shattering, surely He considers the group of people that have been traveling with Him and learning from Him His friends, but Jesus draws a distinction between these people simply being His disciples and expresses the level of care He has for them. Hear this today, Jesus loves you. Hold fast to His commands and remain in His love. He has chosen you. Yes, you. By the Holy Spirit at work through the scriptures and in the lives others that love Jesus, He has revealed all that He has learned from the Father to you. He willingly gave up his life for you. You are precious to Him. Jesus has called you friend. Now remain in His love and hold to His command, which is this: Love each other.