“Which Son Am I?” – Rev. Gary Hilton – John 2:13-16

This passage from John takes us through the account of Jesus clearing the temple in Jerusalem of the money changers and merchants selling sacrificial animals. One of the only times we see Jesus infuriated throughout the gospel accounts, we see Jesus flipping tables, spilling coins and drives the animals out with a whip. This is not just a case of business taking place in the temple, but upon arriving to the temple for Passover Jesus is witness to transactions that take advantage of those who came to worship. Inflated exchange rates and prices for Temple approved sacrificial animals worked to “enslave” the devout worshiper to what had become a corrupt system during a festival that celebrated when God freed them from slavery. Jesus sees the hypocrisy of the temple leaders and the thievery of the vendors and cleans house. In Matthew’s Gospel, this account concludes with a parable about two sons; one who refuses to work for their father, but ends up working and the other who agrees to help work but never does. Jesus compares the temple to the second son, and so calls us to reflect upon this account. Individually, do we see religion as a means for personal gain or do we seek to serve others. As a church, are we so consumed with doing “church things” that we end up hurting or neglecting those we have been called to serve. Which son are we?