Where We Are Going – Rev. Allan Brooks – Psalm 137:1-6

Last week we reflected on where we have been as a church, reviewing the surveys that we took last year as we began the visioning process for the future of our church. This week we look at Psalm 137, where the people of Israel are in exile and have lost all of their joy, with no desire left to sing the praises of God. In their laments they began to recount the stories of their people and slowly grew past their sorrow. Their exile eventually ended and they would sing the songs of the Lord once again. We do not experience exile as the Israelites in scripture did, yet we can get a sense of how they felt as the world dramatical changes around us. As we pray for our church and look to our future, may we not feel overwhelmed or discouraged by how the world changes around us, but let us continues to step out in faith to support and serve our community. May we be God’s people for the world, in the world today. Amen.