“What is Your Name?” – Rev. Gary Hilton – Isaiah 62:1-9

Names mean everything to us. They are more than just how we identify ourselves against the rest of the world, they are personal, relational and intimate. If you have ever given something a name, you know that you end up forming a bond with it and if anything happens to that thing, you feel for it. You see, names are how we connect to and understand our world. Our names, whether given names, nick-names or the things we call ourselves or are called based on our actions, are how we establish who we are in the world. We are intimately connected with these names we are given or give ourselves, but all to easily forget the names God gives us. He calls us His beloved, His children, heirs with Christ, and my favorite for Isaiah; “mine.” God claims us, gives us a new name, and by doing, gives us an identity that we can stand firm in. We are God’s, let us never forget that. Let us live in the brilliance of the names that God gives us and leave behind the ones that weigh us down.