“The Fourth Wise Man” – Rev. Gary Hilton – Matthew 2:1-12

The story of the wise men is an integral part of the Christmas Season, and yet is a part of the story that is so often overlooked. As we read the account, we see that the first people who were given the message of Jesus birth were simple shepherds, tending their flocks when the angels appeared and proclaimed the good news. These shepherds who were considered unclean and were not allowed to worship in the temple, were among the first to behold the Son of God. Then we read about the wise men from the east. These were astrologers and pagans, from a land that throughout Israel’s history brought suffering and led them off into exile. These wise men would not have seen a warm welcome. And yet, we see the message of unity and God’s grace for all people that Jesus preached at work hear at His birth, calling shepherds; who were outsiders among Israel, and foreigners worshiped other gods, to be the first to come to worship Jesus, the savior to all.