Silence Please – Rev. Gary Hilton – Ps. 42:1-3, 9-10 & 1 Kings 19:11-13

Life gets busy… and noisy, sometimes to the point that we loose God’s voice in the chaos. This was the case with Elijah, the last of God’s prophets from 1 Kings. Elijah had people after his life and was so consumed with fear that he stopped listening for God. Instructed to go to the Horeb, the mount of God, God presented himself to Elijah in the most unprecedented of ways. Elijah was met with an earth shattering wind, an earthquake and a roaring fire, but God was not in any of these things, rather the “shear silence” that followed. When Elijah heard it, he knew he was in the presence of God. Have you escaped the noise lately and met God in the silence? If not, this is the perfect season to do so. Take some time and go some where you know that is quiet and away from the noise, find a sanctuary, a spot in the woods. Get away for a moment and meet God in the silence. Easter is the season for renewal and redemption, so go before your God and prepare your hearts for the grace we remember and celebrate this season. Look to the world and simply ask, silence please.