“Release the Prisoners” – Rev. Gary Hilton – John 12:12-16 & Luke 23:13-25

They called him savior and messiah, shouted hosanna and hailed him as a conquering king. They were right to do so, but were blind to what he would a conquer and save them from. A hundred years earlier, Israel was liberated from Greek oppression by an old priest and his family who lead a resistance campaign to reclaim the Temple and restore independence to Israel as recorded in the Old Testament Apocrypha of the Maccabees. With this revolt fresh in the minds of the Israelites, and a history of Judges who would liberate Israel from foreign oppressors before Israel’s established kings, it is no wonder that the people expected Jesus to lead them in removing the Romans from their land. No one understood what kind of savior Jesus was until He had resurrected. Today we shout “Hosanna,” not for what we think Jesus is going to do, but for what He has already done! He has released the prisoners, not from physical oppression, but from the bondage of our sin. Rejoice! Shout Hosanna! Jesus has set us free!