“Newbie World” – Rev. Allan Brooks – Revelation 21:1-5

One of the most incredible, and often most forgotten, promises given to us through scripture is found in the book of Revelation. The culmination of the apocalyptic literature found in this final book of the Bible resounds with the declaration that God is coming to be with His people, dwelling with us on earth. We are so often caught up with getting to heaven, that we miss the repeating theme of God coming to us. God does not require us to find our way to Him, instead He seeks us out, and His grace and redemption is not just for us but for His entire creation. All that He created will one day be fully renewed and God will be with His people. Until that day, we have a lot of work to do, for as God’s people we have a part in the renewal of creation. In Christ, everything is a new creation, let the old things pass away, and embrace the noob.

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, the Pennsylvania Health Department has made the wearing of masks mandatory in public spaces, so masks will be required at all worship services.
There is no evening worship this Saturday, July 4.
The church office is closed Monday, July 6, for the holiday.