Little Girl with Glasses – Rev. Gary Hilton – Luke 18-1-8

We are bombarded with news of death, destruction, violence and tragedy of all kinds every day, and it is easy to become blinded by all of this darkness. It is easy to think that evil is winning. What we rarely get to see, however, is the love that people show for each other every day. We get small glimpses of it on the news when someone or a group of people decide it is necessary to show love towards others. While we don’t always get to see these good deeds, we know they happen, and when we are informed of people doing good we get to see glimpses of God’s Kingdom breaking into our reality. Our faith and hope is renewed when we see the love of God in action. It is in the midst of the darkness that seems to consume this world that our love for one another, the love that God instilled in us, shines brightest. This is when our faith and hope have the potential to be strongest, and where we get to be the light shining on a hill for the world to see. Is evil winning? Never. But we must face it if we are to be the people God calls us to be.