Just a Twinkle – Rev. Allan Brooks – John 1:1-5, 9

It wasn’t something magnificent, there was no great pronouncement. Towns people didn’t gather to see what was goin on, and no overwhelming radiance of glory…only, there was. This birth was the most magnificent event in all of history, and angels declared God’s praise at Jesus birth, proclaiming the good news to shepherds. Foreigners came from the east to see the miracle of grace that they heard God was about to perform, with God’s glory shining in a star to guide their way. And there in the manger, a twinkle from the star, a twinkle of God’s glory in Jesus’s eye. The birth that would change the world forever, the birth that could have been made known to all the world in that very instant, revealed to unclean shepherds and foreigners. God was moving in ways no one expected. His glory and grace revealed in just a twinkle.