In Whatever Form it Comes – Rev. Gary Hilton – Luke 7_1-10

Sometimes we see people express faith in God who we don’t expect, or in ways we could never anticipate. Sometimes, it is those who are completely different from us, or whom we might consider an enemy, that demonstrate the boldest faith. This was the case some Jewish elders and a centurion in this week’s passage from Luke. In order to save a valued servant, a centurion – a soldier in the Roman occupation army in Israel – requests help from Jesus. The elders go and petition Jesus on this centurion’s behalf and Jesus agrees. On their way back, the centurion does something odd, the most bizarre demonstration of faith in the Gospels. The centurion sends a servant to tell Jesus not to bother coming to his house, but requests that Jesus simply say the word, for this centurion understands authority and recognizes the authority Jesus possesses. For this act, Jesus commends the centurion’s faith as the greatest he has seen in all of Israel. An unlikely display of faith from an unlikely person…and this week’s essential truth – to have our eyes and hearts open to God’s love and work in the faith of people who we do not expect to see it from.