In Tension – Rev. Allan Brooks – Matthew 22:34-40

Tension is usually seen as a bad thing, whether we experience a painful tension in our bodies or an uncomfortable tension in social situations, this is usually something we try to avoid. Try as we might, tension is a natural part of life. Our planet rests in tension as the tectonic plates move against each other. The release of that tension may be violent, but helps create some of the most beautiful places on earth. God calls us to live in tension as well, the sometimes difficult tension of loving Him fully and loving our neighbor as ourself. Neither of these things is easy to do, especially at the same time, but nestled right in the middle of this tension is where we find God. Jesus says that all of the laws and the prophets of old hang on these two important commandments, loving God and loving neighbor. All the laws that God gave us, the words and works given to His prophets hangs on these two commands existing in tension. Can the release of tension be violent and unpleasant, sure, but it usually leads to something beautiful.

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, the Pennsylvania Health Department has made the wearing of masks mandatory in public spaces, so masks will be required at all worship services.
There is no evening worship this Saturday, July 4.
The church office is closed Monday, July 6, for the holiday.