“If This Alone be Done” – Rev. Gary Hilton – Mark 10:35-45

Jesus gives us a perfect example of what it takes to follow Him; service. Jesus lived in service to others and continuously told His disciples that if they truly wanted to become great, they must become servants. Even on the night Jesus was betrayed, he took on the posture of a servant toward His disciples to make this point clear. And yet, it wasn’t until Jesus was gone that they understood what He taught them. Many times they would take pride in what they had given up to follow Him, and even sought positions of honor and power in Jesus’ Kingdom, only to be rebuked and told that if they must become a slave if they truly seek greatness. It wasn’t until Jesus was gone that they realized that His kingdom embodied humility and service. To show love to others. That was the Apostle John’s teaching before his passing. To love one another. Tradition records John saying; “Little children, love one another. It is the Lord’s command. If this alone be done, it is enough.” So let us stop searching for our own greatness within the church, let us forget the things that we think we are owed. Our greatness and our purpose is in our service to others. It might not be glamorous, but it is exactly what the world needs. So let us love one another, and if this alone be done, it truly is enough.