Desire to Live – Rev. Gary Hilton – Gen. 2 & 3, John 1 & 6, Isaiah 55

We are all motivated by our desires in life. While these desires and the methods we use to obtain them are different for everyone, there is one that is common among all of us: that is a desire to live. Where we see security in life, relief from immediate danger or life that goes beyond our physical existence, maintaining our lives is a great motivator. God desires us to have life as well. In the beginning he placed a tree of life in the garden for Adam and Eve. When humanity fell to sin and was cut off from the tree of life, Jesus came as the new source of life for all of us, not exclusive for one group of people but all the world. As we pursue our desire to live, let us turn to Jesus who is the true source of life and help guide others to the life we have found in Him.