A Place to Remain – Rev. Gary Hilton – John 1:35-39

What is it that you are looking for as you follow Jesus? What are you looking for when you come to church? This is the question that Jesus asked a couple disciples of John the Baptist who decided to follow Jesus as he passed them one day. Their answer: “where are you staying?” As bible commentators explain, it is very possible that because of the disciples’ response, they were seeking a place of belonging, a home, and it is very likely that they were not even aware of this desire. They hear John proclaim “Look, here is the Lamb of God!” and innately decide to follow him. Perhaps many of us follow in the same way, not conscious of why we follow, but we know we must because our souls desire a place to remain, to belong, to call home. And so we seek out Jesus, because in His presence is a place to remain.

Due to the recent spike in COVID-19 cases, the Pennsylvania Health Department has made the wearing of masks mandatory in public spaces, so masks will be required at all worship services.
There is no evening worship this Saturday, July 4.
The church office is closed Monday, July 6, for the holiday.