A Different Perspective

A Different Perspective

     If I were to take a survey and they asked me “What is your favorite season in the church” I would answer without hesitation the Easter season. Between the spring weather, the absolutely fantastic worship songs, and the overall theme of victory what isn’t there to love?

     From a Christian standpoint, Easter is the most important moment for our faith. I know Christmas is well loved (and for good reason) but Easter is what affirmed Jesus’ standing, it proved everything Christ said about himself to be true. Even beyond that, it served as the ultimate sacrifice to cover the sins of the world; enabling us to have a relationship with our creator, to cast of the shackles of sin and death. Sure, maybe you have heard all of this stuff hundreds of times in your life so that it maybe doesn’t have the same impact that it once had.

     When you start to feel that way, maybe it’s time to look at Easter from a different angle. In “The Dead Poets’ Society” Robin Williams’ character encourages his students to climb on his desk while reading a line of poetry to see the world in a new way. We can do this in our faith too, we can take a scripture that we have heard often and read as though we are looking from the perspective of someone else. For example, this year, I wanted to understand what Easter meant for the disciples, all Jesus’ followers.

     Think about it, on Good Friday, all of the people who called Jesus “friend” or “teacher” witnessed Him die one of the worst deaths a human can suffer, the perfect death mechanism created by the Romans. They left everything to follow the one who they completely believed to be the Messiah. What was going through their minds? Grief? Fear? Anger? Confusion? I think it was a cocktail of all of those and then some. What would this mean for them? Was it all for nothing? These men and women were uneducated laborers, how could they possibly take up the mantle that Jesus left and continue the church? They had to spend three days in that state when suddenly, everything came together.

      When they heard the early morning shouts of the Mary’s, they had to be in disbelieve but when it was confirmed that the tomb was empty, can you even imagine the life and hope that must have erupted out of them? It makes me smile just thinking about it. They heard and knew Jesus’ words when he foresaw the resurrection, but they had to have some doubt as to its probability, but Jesus proved it when that massive stone was moved out of the way. I can picture the tears of joy, the shouting, the dancing, the overall celebration that they found that morning. That is exactly how we should feel each Easter because here’s the thing, what that morning meant for the disciples back then means the same thing for us. It makes our faith authentic, it makes our path clear, it makes God not only reachable but here and active in our lives.

     This year, we are doing confirmation the following Sunday after Easter and I think it is absolutely fitting considering that Easter Sunday was the day that confirmed Jesus’ standing. Then when Pentecost come around, we can stand up in front of everyone and confirm what we believe to be true, Jesus is the son of God and his death covered our sins and his resurrection wiped them all away so that we can experience the love of an active, caring, and close God. Amen.

     Thank you all for reading, please share this all around wherever you can so that the people who need this word most can access it. You can comment with any questions or prayer concerns below or email me at kbender@chippewaumc.org. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to register as a sponsor or runner for the Gary Blum memorial 5k coming April 14th, you can do it online or through the mail. You can find the forms at the Chippewa United Methodist Church  website and click on the 5k tab. Dear God, I thank you for Your son, who You sacrificed for each and every one of us. We don’t deserve it, but you did it anyway, that just shows how greatly you love and care for us. I pray that we never lose that feeling of awe and excitement that comes from the celebration of Easter. Amen. God bless.