“A Pile of Rocks” – Rev. Gary Hilton – Exodus 17:1-7
For Pastor Gary’s last sermon here at Chippewa UMC, he leads us through Exodus 17 and the rock that God used to provide water to the Israelites in the wilderness. May we as the church, always be the rocks that God uses to provide living water to the world.
Happy Mother’s Day – Chippewa UMC
“Pentecost & Confirmation
Rev. Allan Brooks
Acts 2:1-4
“God of the Cicadas” 
Rev. Allan Brooks
Ex. 10 – Lev. 11 – Mk.1
“It’s Going to be a Party”
Rev. Gary Hilton
Revelation 7:9-17
“In Whatever Form it Comes”
Rev. Gary Hilton
Luke 7:1-10
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