“Working For Money” – Rev. Allan Brooks – Genesis 2:15-18
Have you ever become so caught up in your work that it feels like such a burden that you have forgotten the joy you had when you started the job? We are told everyday to work harder so that we can earn more money, in order to buy more stuff; but after a while we realize that there is no joy in that pursuit. When we look back in Genesis, we see that God made us to do work; Adam and Eve were made stewards of the Garden. We need to transition from working for money, to working for God’s glory – doing everything we do as if it were for God. Then, we might find true joy and peace.

“Building Fences
Rev. Gary Hilton
Luke 4:14-21
Mark 71-8;14-15

“Action Words
Rev. Allan Brooks
Matthew 21:28-31

Rev. Gary Hilton
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Matthew  24:33-42

“The Promise
Rev. Gary Hilton
Isaiah 51:1-16
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