“Raptured” – Rev. Gary Hilton – 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 & Matthew 24:33-42

Is this the end? Are we living in the end times? These question always circulate anytime something devastating happens around the world. From massive hurricanes to wars, we seem to be overly concerned with finding signs of the end. Many of us are failure with the “Left Behind” novels by Tim LaHaye, and because of the tremendous success of these books, this seems to be the most common image and interpretation of the end times. Should we be focused on the end-times, however? Since no one will ever know when The Day of the Lord will come, should we focus on the end, or remain focused on being the church to the world? All the way to the end of Jesus time on earth, he was more focused on those around Him than Himself. Regardless when the end is, we too should be more focused on continuing to serve others, rather than simply waiting for the end to come.