“Building Fences” – Rev. Gary Hilton – Luke 4:14-21 & Mark 7:1-8; 14-15

It is easy for us to judge others based on our perceptions of how people should live, and if they do not live up to our standards, then we see them as out-casts and people un-worthy to be a part of society. But Jesus never saw people that way. He came to proclaim God’s Good News to the out-cast, heal the sick and free the prisoner. What is worse, is that we tend to cast these judgements based on our traditions; traditions that can get in the way of serving God and serving others. These were some of the traditions that Jesus ignored, knowing that sharing a meal with someone deemed a sinner meant a chance for repentance, or that healing the sick or befriending the outcast meant more than remaining traditionally clean. If we call ourselves Christians, than we must follow Christ’s example; to go and serve and not cast judgment from our comfortable pew.