We welcome you and your child to our church nursery. Our goal is to provide a nurturing Christian environment with quality facilities and a well-trained staff. The familiar faces of our childcare workers provide  consistency and a sense of security for both children and parents. This is a place where young children can learn and grow in God’s love, and feel at home within the church family. Our Children’s Faith Walk Ministry begins in the nursery!



Our staff includes a paid Nursery Coordinator, and adult and youth volunteers from the congregation. All staff and adult volunteers have CUMC Safe Sanctuary training and possess Pennsylvania state and Federal background clearances. 

The staff meets regularly for on-going training and to talk about any concerns related to nursery and childcare. This facilitates communication and consistency of care.

Nursery Care

Nursery Care is provided for children from birth to age 5. The Nursery is available for all weekend Worship Services at the church and the Community Life Center

Saturday Night– 5:30pm

Sunday Morning – 8:30, 9:45, 11:00
Note: Sunday mornings at 9:45am, Sunday School for children ages three and up is offered at the church.


Snacks such as Cheerios, goldfish, animal crackers and juice boxes will be available for snacks for children in the Nursery. Families wishing their child to opt out of snack must specify request on the sign-in/out sheet. Families may provide their own snack for their child as well .
If your child has any particular food allergies, please alert the staff and indicate on the sign-in/out sheet.
We will only give your child a bottle per your instructions. Child’s name must be placed on the bottle.
Nursery Volunteers


At CUMC we believe the youngest children claim an understanding of God’s love as they experience the love and nurture of those who care for them.

 We encourage all parents who use the Nursery to volunteer at least once per month. This helps insure adequate staffing. It also helps parents get to know other families in the congregation who have young children

 Please contact the Nursery Coordinator to meet and discuss requirements for volunteering in the Nursery.

 If you have questions or concerns about our Nursery Ministry feel free to talk with our Nursery Coordinator, Rhonda Rankin or with Susan Winters, Director of Children’s Ministry. Your child is important to us and we seek to minister to your family in in a loving Christian environment.





In the event of an emergency or fire drill, we will remove the children in the Nursery from the building. The children will be taken out the back door and into the far end of the parking lot. We ask that you do not take your child before we get to the far end of the parking lot so that we can assure that all the children are accounted for and safe. We ask that only parents come and collect their children form the designated location, no siblings, will be allowed to do so at that time. Thank-you for your help as we endeavor to create a safe environment for your children.


Check- In Procedure

  • Upon entering the Nursery, parents/guardians must fill out the sign-in/sign-out sheet located on the counter in the Nursery.
  • Advise Nursery staff of any special instructions. 
  • Place a name tag on the back of child’s clothing and place a corresponding label on the child’s diaper bag. Take the stub with you.
  •  When signing in child, parent/guardian will be issued a numbered vibrating pager that the Nursery Attendant will use to notify you if your child needs you.
The system works throughout the  church campus and may be used for any church event where children are admitted to the Nursery.  Parents will be given a vibrating pager to take with you.  Please note the number of the pager next to your child’s name on the sign-in sheet.

Health & Safety

We strive to provide a healthy, safe, clean, loving place in which your child can thrive. Our Nursery space and toys are cleaned and disinfected on a regular basis.
In efforts to keep our children healthy we ask that refrain form using the nursery if you child has any of following within the last 24 hours.
  • A fever
  • Diarrhea or vomiting
  • Yeast infection or thrush
  • Runny nose
             with green or yellow mucus
  • Communicable eye infections,
             conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  • Contagious skin rash
  • Cough, croup
             (except in case of allergy)
  • Any symptoms of usual childhood disease such as mumps, measles, chicken pox
  • Use of antibiotic
         for 24 hours or less

Our staff is not trained to dispense any type of medication. If your child requires medication we ask that you please come to the nursery and administer it when needed.

The Nursery staff may refuse admittance to a child that meets the above conditions. If a child should become ill during their stay in the nursery, parents will be contacted and asked to take them home.


Check–Out Procedure

  • The person who signs the child in should return to pick up and sign the child out.
  • Please return the pager to the Nursery attendant.
  • Be sure to collect all of your child’s belongings.
  • Please feel free to ask questions or make suggestions!