Welcome to Impact Youth! I am Kyle, and I am glad you are joining us for all our youth activities! Here at Impact Youth, we are all about connecting with each other, deepening our relationship with God and serving our community. Come hang out with friends each week at Sunday Night Youth and on various trips we take throughout the year; join in small groups and devotions as we explore our faith and strengthen our relationship with God; and get ready to serve our community as we live our faith in the light of the impact God has made on our lives! I can’t wait to see you at our next event!
– What’s Up!
Sunday Night Youth
Each week
6-8pm in our CLC

Wrestling With God

Be Prepared

     “Be prepared” rarely has a positive connotation to it. It ranges from being spoken by a teacher to a classroom full of students warning them of an impending exam (half of whom still won’t study), to the villainous chorus sang by the evil lion to his army of hyena about to wage war. Either way it brings worry into the hearts of those who hear it.

      “Be prepared” doesn’t have to bring worry, in fact, it shouldn’t bring worry because what it does is allow us to understand what is coming. If you take the time to study, that exam won’t seem as perilous. You understand the material and will end up with a good grade. Even though Scar’s plan was successful in making him king, you understand Simba is going to come back with a vengeance (as well as a warthog and meerkat).  If you heed the advice and take the time to take the steps necessary, you are going to be ready for what is ahead.