Hey there, I’m Kevin Jenkins, your friendly neighborhood worship leader. Whether you’re here for information on our service, or are looking to join our team; I hope you join us for a service and feel at home with our community of worshippers.
Praise Him for his acts of
Praise Him for his
    surpassing greatness.
Praise Him with the
    sounding of the trumpet,
    praise Him with the harp
    and lyre,
Praise Him with timbrel and
    dancing, praise Him with 
    the strings and pipe,
Praise Him with the clash of
    Let everything the has
    breath praise the Lord.
Praise the Lord.
-Psalm 150
Our Contemporary Worship service is held at 9:45 in our Community Life Center
Our Purpose…
is to glorify God through prayer, praise and song. We must play and sing skillfully with discipline and humility to lead others in worship
Our Mission…
is to strive for excellence in worship where we attempt to create an atmosphere where people may experience God in renewed ways each time we worship
Our Vision…
is to grow a community of worshippers who uplift each other, work as a team, and live their lives as an act of worship each and every moment.
Musicians: We use a full scope of instruments in our services on any given weekend; Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass, Piano, Drums, Violins and more. It doesn’t matter what you can play, we’ll find a place for you!
Vocal Team: This one is pretty easy. If you can sing, we have a place for you. Our vocalists have opportunities to lead songs or parts of songs, or just sing backup, depending on your comfort level.
Tech and Multimedia: You have an opportunity to run the presentation onscreen, or run the sound board. If you have a good ear or a good eye, we have a place for you!
Hospitality: If you like meeting people, this is for you! Greeters welcome people as well as collect the offering.
Rehearsals: Band members must come to rehearsal on the designated practice time the same week they are scheduled to play in church, as well as sound check that Sunday morning. If you can’t make it to rehearsal, we can make alternate arrangements.
Learn the Parts!: Make use of the resources that we have available to you at home through our online planning app. Come to practice knowing the songs, instrument parts or vocal parts. It makes all the difference come practice and service time.
Freely Express Your Faith: Your actions at church and in the community should reflect that of Jesus Christ. The time you spend worshipping should reflect the true feelings that you experience with Christ. Feel free to worship as you feel comfortable.
Attend Church: It is important for you to attend the church even when you are not leading worship on stage. In fact, you can be equally as impactful as a worship leader as you sing out and lead from the seats. Others notice and it may bring them to a greater place of worship as well.
Individual Devotional Time: You can only pour out what was poured into you! Make an effort to attend a Bible study or take time for Devotions and special prayer time throughout the week with a friend, family member, by yourself or all three!
Tear Down: We ask that you help clean up the sound equipment and stage after worship. All I have to say here is…the more people we have, the faster it goes!